Below is a little bit more about me and my books.

This is from when I worked at Medieval Times.

The King and the Great Light

This is a short novella that follows a mighty king and what he must do in order to save his kingdom from a great and mysterious light that appears in the distance. It is the first in what will be a collection of parables.

The Alchemy Codex

This is a young adult series, or at least my version of a young adult series, set in World War 2 Europe. The books follow a group of  artificially created people as they travel across war infested Europe in search for an alchemist who will help them attain souls.                                                           

The Letters of Cassius King

This is a short novel consisting of letters sent from Cassius King to a young married couple he is mentoring in the Christian Faith. It covers a multitude of subjects, but is meant to show a wider understanding of basic Christian theology and philosophy.

The Golem Trilogy

I have always thought that many of the steam punk novels I have read focused to much on describing the steam punk environment rather than focusing on the story and characters, so I went the opposite direction. Choosing instead to focusing on an old man who doesn't understand what the world is becoming.  

The Endless Waltz

This is the first book I ever wrote. I originally wanted it to be a movie back when I was studying film in college, but I quickly realized that no one was going to give me a hundred million dollars so I wrote the book instead. Still hoping for that hundred million one day though.

Bellrose and Company

This is a side project started by me and three of me friends from Medieval Times. Nate would draw this little alien dude all around the castle and I liked his characters so much I told him I wanted to write a comic. He said yes. I named the alien Bellrose, and we began.

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